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Our deepest condolences to families of those in MH370. May God continue to grant these people strength in this trying times.

[News] Andy replied to the desperate calls of fans


"Andy will be cheering on for us from far away. Although it isn’t 6 of us, we’re standing here to keep our promise with the fans."

Shinhwa appeared amidst the cheers of “Shinhwa San” shouted by 13,000 people. Although it was a performance of 5 people, with one missing, the Shinhwa members ran…

There are many fans whom we’ve seen from more than 10 years ago, and a fan who entered a big company even bought delicious food to the place where I was serving as a public servant. I reminded a lot of the past because of the concert. Like what the hyungs said, if you wait a while, we’ll show you the 6 of us working hard. The fans who have delayed their marriages because of Shinhwa’s promotions, I hope you’ll come watch the concert together with your husband the next time.

Junjin, ending ment at Shinhwa 16th anniversary “HERE” (via malpabo)

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[News] 16th anniversary Shinhwa, 180 minutes of laughter and touching moments...Andy surprise appearance


Welcoming their 16th debut anniversary, group Shinhwa relentlessly went between their hit songs of various genres, like dance and ballad etc, at their concert, showing their energy. Having been engulfed in a scandal last year and hence skipping out on this concert, Andy made a surprise appearance…

HAPPY 16TH ANNIVERSARY @ShinhwaCompany . No matter what happens, we will always be HERE for you. 1998 till forever. #Legendary16thShinhwa

[READ] Shinhwa wraps up 16 Year Anniversary Concert successfully

I really hesitated a lot because I didn’t have the courage and didn’t know if I could stand here, in front of everybody, and on stage. However because I wanted to tell everyone that I’m sincerely sorry and so I’m standing here. Fans, and the member hyungs, I am really apologetic and sorry.

Andy, Shinhwa 16th Anniversary concert “HERE” (Cr 10asia)